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Regional Preferred Provider Organization for Workers' Compensation

Employer’s Choice Network builds, maintains and manages its own proprietary regional Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) contracts specifically developed for the workers' compensation market.

A Quality PPO is essential to improved efficiencies and effectiveness
of any managed care program. At Employer's Choice Network,
we take the selection and recruitment of providers very seriously.
On a weekly basis, we analyze reports and recommendations from clients.
Recruitment is done daily, based on provider usage and our client's feedback
of current and future providers. Providers are re-credentialed every
two years and we have excellent quality control measures.
Our goal is to have our clients maintain a high PPO hit rate,
while utilizing quality workers’ compensation providers.

Data Integrity is also a key component of a successful PPO network.
Excessive provider calls, lost savings, and re-considerations due to
incorrect application of PPO discounts are expensive, time consuming,
and frustrating for you. Employer’s Choice Network ensures a clean,
efficient, and simple provider database. This means provider information,
such as tax identification numbers and addresses, are constantly tracked
and updated as changes occur. We provide you with a user-friendly network.

In addition to quality and data integrity, Employer’s Choice Network
guarantees additional savings on every PPO contract. We set ourselves
apart by having each contract save you additional money off the fee
schedule and U&C or billed charges where applicable.

Finally, Communication is imperative to any affiliation. It is a critical piece
of a PPO and most often neglected. We will work with your organization
to set provider standards outlining the issues that are important to your
process. Any provider signing on to the Employer’s Choice Network
will understand and agree to those standards. Shared expectations and
processes will result in positive outcomes for employees and a good
working environment for all parties involved.

What do we do? We save you time, money, and resources by
providing a quality workers’ compensation network that changes
and grows with you and your business.

bul  Provider Networks
bul  How ECN Works
bul  Why We Are Different

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