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Employer’s Choice Network...

• is as flexible and straight-forward as our network
• guarantees accurate and increased savings outcomes
• Custom PPO Specialists own and manage each PPO contract
• has time-honored regional relationships with the medical community
• enjoys an established client-base

Many of the existing healthcare provider networks were formed for use in a
group health environment where the specialties and discounts are not appropriate
for use in workers’ compensation. Historically, PPO companies have developed
provider organizations based on adding as many providers as possible and then
selling one network to all employers. The providers may or may not be utilized
and they may or may not have a discount. These companies work from the
outside in.

At Employer’s Choice Network, we develop and manage the employer’s
provider network from the inside out. We do not develop our network based
on quantity. Our focus is to contract with quality providers in our client's
respective areas. We start with their needs and work towards building a
quality PPO specifically for workers' compensation. We create a clean,
user-friendly network that saves our clients, time, resources, and money.

bul  Provider Networks
bul  How ECN Works
bul  Why We Are Different

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